Mad Tasty Grapefruit (12 Pack)

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Perfect for when you need to refresh and refocus, MAD TASTY Grapefruit delivers! With our proprietary formulation, you’ll be zoned in and ready for whatever’s next.

Our Hemp-Forward Formulation
At 20 MG broad-spectrum hemp extract and less than 15 calories a can, our clean, restorative, and hydrating beverage was made to fit into any wellness routine. Our West Coast-farmed hemp is sourced and extracted for all the benefits and no earthy aftertaste. There is zero sugar or sweeteners and no complicated additives needed to mask the hemp flavor.

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Mad Tasty

Our hemp-extract products offer a unique mixture of clarity and calm without the high. It all starts with our Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract, derived from the whole hemp plant, minus any traces of THC. It's sourced from farms on the sunny West coast and tested at each step in the process to ensure all the good stuff is in (phytocannabinoids, terpenes, potency) and all the yucky stuff is out (microbes, residual solvents, heavy metals, and more). Our technology partner then takes our extract and creates a water-soluble solution that makes equal dosing from first sip to last possible and allows for greater absorption in the intestinal tract.


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Mad Tasty Grapefruit (12 Pack)

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