Pachamama hemp is cultivated from Mother Earth in the colorful state of Colorado. Nurtured with pure Rocky Mountain water and an abundance of sunshine, Pachamama goes far beyond the standard to source only from single-origin hemp. This means, from seed to bottle, Pachamama uses the same strain and family of hemp plants in order to create consistent and reliable products – every batch, every time.

The distinguished method Pachamama applies to begin crafting their full spectrum products requires only heated air. Using a solvent-free extraction process with a global portfolio of 85 pending patents, Pachamama creates one of the cleanest extracts on the market today. This process works by directly distilling cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from the surface of the cannabis plant through a precise burst of heated air and pressure. Leaving no chance for chemical exposure to the hemp at any point, this results in a rich, unadulterated extract with a smooth, natural flavor.

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